Friday, October 22, 2010

To Quilt or Not To Quilt. What Do You Think?

When I first discovered the world of blogs, there was one that just jumped out there at me. It was the one of the first ones I subscribed to through Google Reader.  Judy Laquidara writes a wonderful quilting blog called Patchwork Times. If we were to ever meet, I think Judy and I would get along well because we like the same things.  Like me, she loves the country lifestyle, loves where she lives now but dreams of going home and loves her animals.  We both believe that I believe our duty as a wife and mom is to provide interesting and tasty meals for my family.   We make our own bread and cook our  meals from scratch.  Does that give you an idea of why I like her blog so much?

Judy says that she quilts almost non-stop which is what I would like to do.  Last week she posted the fabric requirements and instructions for a mystery quilt. Today Judy posted the first set of clues.  Since I'm a beginner, I'm wondering if I should take on this challenge.  Judy says that it's an easy quilt with just some half square triangles but mostly squares and rectangles.  I've done squares and rectangles so I guess this could be a way of learning the half square triangles.  

There are two sizes — you can choose to make just the top or you can make the top with the borders.  Instructions will be given to make the top 45″ x 63″ without borders. Blocks are 9” finished. The three clues take you through finishing just the top.  At that point, Judy will show us her quilt and give us the border instructions.  We can choose to make Judy’s borders or our own borders.

What do y'all think?  Anyone interested in taking on the challenge of a  mystery quilt with me?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Have you visited FaveCrafts on line?

Several times a week I get a really cool e-newsletter called Quick and Crafty from Fave CraftsThese e-newsletters are full of wonderful craft projects. This morning's mail brought me ideas and patterns for Halloween masks, crowns, horns and full costumes. There were even patterns for crocheting accessories for your costumes!  With over 35 categories to choose from on their home page you can find projects for all types of crafts and lots of free patterns. Free is always good!

What really caught my eye this morning was the Cute as a Button Quilts book giveaway.  I did say that free is always good. LOL! Cute as a Button Quilts features 12 quilt projects designed by Joni Pike and is published by  C & T Publications  (ISBN: 978-1-57120-345-8)  

Here's what the C & T website has to say about the book:

Adorable Appliqué Projects, All Buttoned Up

• Lickety-split fusible appliqué quilts and accessories anyone can make
• It's embellishment playtime! Accent your projects with easy embroidery, buttons, rickrack, and more
• Bright, happy quilts for kids, seasonal décor, or "just because"
• Fun lessons on how to choose and use buttons, plus a resource guide
• Create a coordinated set: table-top suites, pillows and accent quilts will perk up your décor
• Quick-make a gift this weekend

Beginning and advanced crafters and quilters will love these bright appliqué projects. Simple shapes, easy fusible appliqué, and adorable purchased buttons and trims make these charming projects quick to complete. Create quilts, pillows, placemats, table runners, and totes. Twelve projects with full-size patterns.
 I would love to have this book so I'm signing up for the giveaway.  You can too. Just follow this ink to FaveCrafts site.

Talk to you soon,


Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall is here so how's your Christmas shopping going?

The flowers of summer are all but gone and the mums and pumpkins that introduce fall are here.   Football season is well underway and Christmas will be here in two months, three weeks and three days.  How are you spending your wonderfully cool fall weather?  Have you started your Christmas shopping?  Starting early allows you to beat the crowds and find excellent prices on last fall and winter's merchandise that stores are putting out this time of  year.  Do you really care that it's last year's pink?  Pink is pink whether it's 2009's or 2010's.  I've purchased several items already and not paid more than 40% of the regular price for any of them.  Today, I picked up 6 pairs of socks for my granddaughters for a whopping $1.20 total!!!  You read it right.  Brand new socks at 20 cents a pair.  It's all a matter of starting early and checking out your favorite store's clearance racks on a regular basis.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  We'll talk more about Christmas later. 

I love having the doors and windows open and all the fresh air coming in.  I've been sewing at the kitchen table because there's construction going on in the sewing room.  (Thank you leaky roof!)  It's been great sitting there with a breeze blowing through the screen door.  It puts my love of sewing with my love of the outdoors and it's making me more creative.  And I'm really enjoying the fact that the air conditioner is off and the electric meter is no longer spinning out of control!

This wonderful fall weather has my creative juices flowing and I need to get a lot of sewing done.  To start with, I have to make a fall/winter wardrobe.  I've been blessed to loose the weight I put on while I was taking Lyrica and almost 50 pounds later, I'm still loosing. Unfortunately, I have almost no clothes that fit and the few that I do have show how well "loved" they are.  I don't want anything super fancy but I do need something to leave the house in.   This year I'm going somewhere I've never been before with  my sewing and make outerwear. I'm starting with a simple fleece poncho but I've never sewn fleece before.  My work with fleece is limited to those no sew blankets.  I'm torn on whether I want a hood or not. And if I don't want the hood, do I leave it plain or add something like the fake fur trim?  Do I trim it even with a hood?  Here's my options. What do y'all think?

McCall's 3448 with hood
McCall's 3448 without hood
McCall's 3448 with fake fur trim
Probably the most pressing issue is Halloween costumes!!  Can you believe it??  Seems like yesterday that Bill was riding his bike dressed as the Grim Reaper with his scythe attached.  He's decided what he wants for his costume but I'm still debating.  It would be so easy to go back to trailer trash mother-in-law costume but I think I want something different this year.   I've thought about a gypsy, Cleopatra and a princess from the days of Prince Arthur.  What do y'all think I should be?

I'm off to bed but I'll be back!  :-)