Monday, January 4, 2010

Boil some water, we got a baby coming!

Our friend Jacky just called to let me know that she is going to be induced Wednesday morning. I am so excited for her and Pat and their daughter Alicia. It's going to be very different having a set of little pattering feet around the house again. Bill's going to miss the big event because he has to work but as soon as I drop him off, I'll be headed over to the hospital. We southern women know that someone has to be there to keep the family company during this exciting time in their lives that we have absolutely no business butting into. Births are a social event. All the ladies of the church have to get out their recipes that can be cooked, then warmed again when needed and still maintain the delicious taste of being freshly cooked. We have to have someone to coordinate the arrival of the food. You wouldn't want two chicken casseroles showing up at the same time Heavens forbid! The food coordinator would not be me, fibro fog and all you know. I'd end up sending Mrs. Perkins to Omaha with steaks. The most important person in the social chain is the one who makes the call from the hospital alerting the food coordinator that the baby has arrived. That would be me! Armed with my ever faithful iPhone (what did we ever do without cell phones?) programed with all the important phone numbers, I will announce to the world or at least to the ladies of St. Andrew's parish that Miss Kaitlyn has arrived. I'll let y'all known when the little one has arrived and I've fulfilled my duties. I really need to think of a term besides "little one". With dad at almost 7 feet and mom at 6 feet, she's probably not going to be a "little one". Would "middle size one" work? Let me know what you think.


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