Saturday, February 27, 2010

I can't believe that February is almost gone..

February has made up for being the shortest month in the year by being an awful month. Between the snow, ice, rain and wind I've felt like I was living on the Canadian border. Here at the Martin household we've had colds, sinus infections, stomach viruses, fatigue and pain. Not much has gotten done around here. The best part of February was that my dear friend Carol came to Memphis.

Carol and I became friends in 1977 when we moved across the hall from her in Manchester, Connecticut. When the ex finished his training on the nuclear powered prototype at Windsor Locks, we move down to Groton, Connecticut so we were still close enough to visit a couple of weekends a month. Then came the big move to Vallejo, California. That was not close enough for weekend trips. :-( When Dave was born in 1981, Carol came to California to meet him. We toured San Fransisco and took the ferry over to Alcatraz. One thing we learned on that trip is that going down Lombardi Street in a 1964 VW van will make you feel like you are standing on your head! We didn't see Carol again till 1989 for a very short visit when we lived in Jensen Beach, Florida. Carol and her husband, Steve, were on vacation at Disney World so they made the trip down to Jensen Beach, we had dinner and then they had to go back to Orlando. We've exchanged Christmas cards every year but I never thought I'd ever see her again. Christmas 2009 I found out that Carol was not only doing email now but she was also on Facebook! So thanks to Facebook we were able to start communicating on a regular basis. Imagine my surprise when she said that Steve had to come to Memphis on business and she was coming with him! I was so excited that I was just beside myself! . The morning of February 17, I went to the hotel to pick up her. When I pulled up she was there waiting and I jumped out of the car and went around to give her a hug. There were tears in my eyes when I realized that those 21 years had not made any difference in our friendship. We picked up where we left off and were even finishing each other's sentences by the end of the day. We spent the day touring Graceland and walking down Beale street while we played "catch-up".The day way too soon by meeting up with our dear husbands and having dinner. Saying goodbye was hard to do but easier this time knowing that we will see each other again.

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