Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There ain't nothing like being on the back of a Harley!

It is so great to see all the sunshine again today! Yesterday I finally got to ride the Harley for the first time in over a year. My fibro was so horrible last summer that I could not get on the bike, much less go for a ride. The only thing that gives me the same feeling as riding the bike is to be out on the water in the boat. Both give me so much in the line of stress relief. There’s something about having the wind in your face and being out in God’s beautiful world. When we are on the bike I see things that I may have driven by 50 times but just don’t notice it when riding in a cage (car). On the bike and on the boat, I feel like I’m experiencing nature as God intended. I don’t think that he intended for us to be closed inside buildings and cars and not spend time in the world that he created. I really wish that my fibro would let me go tent camping but I have to settle for the back yard and a blanket looking up at the sky. Wish I felt safe enough in this jungle they call Memphis to sleep out there.

I’m busy sewing away and way behind. My friend Thelma and I are going to share a booth at the craft show in Olive Branch this weekend. My pain levels have been doing pretty good but my fatigue has been horrible. When I’m tired I can’t think and to do a good job sewing, I’ve got to have a clear head to follow the instructions. As Roseann Roseannadanna use to say – if it ain’t one thing then it’s another.

I’m back to sewing after a quick sandwich for lunch. Y’all keep me in your prayers that I will have sufficient stock for this weekend. Catch you tomorrow!

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