Monday, May 3, 2010

Psalm 56

Most days my Bible reading comes from the Daily Office Lectionary found in the Book of Common Prayer. The readings are on a two-year cycle, so they are the same every other year. I always find it amazing how some days the readings are exactly what I need to hear that day.

This morning the first reading came from Psalm 56 and it jumped out like it was written by David just for me. With chronic pain, being forced to retire because of it and the financial implications that came with that, it’s real easy to worry and be afraid of what the day may bring. David also knew that feeling but he learned to trust in God’s care in the midst of fear. I need to learn, remember and apply the lesson like David did - that when all seems dark, God is for us. I've heard all my life that if God is for us, those against us will never succeed. The Message translation of verses 3 and 4 says:

When I get really afraid I come to you in trust. I’m proud to praise God; fearless now, I trust in God. What can mere mortals do?

We should never doubt that God is watching over us even when it seems we are alone. Verse 8 tells us:

You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights. Each tear is entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book.

The study notes in my Bible had this to say about verse 8 – “Instead of spending a sleepless night worrying about what he (David) cannot change, he uses those wakeful hours to meditate on an expression suitable for the world. David’s example shows us how to turn times of stress into times of blessing by considering God’s faithfulness in comparison with our fleeting problems. Why worry when you can invest that time in praise?”

I’ll end with verses 12 and 13:

God, you did everything you promised, and I’m thanking you with all my heart. You pulled me from the brink of death, my feet from the cliff-edge of doom. Now I stroll at leisure with God in the sunlit fields of life.

Thanks be to God,


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